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Refund and Returns Policy


We are solely responsible for contents on this site. Any software-related item (plugin apps, informations, tutorials, downloadable material) is to be used at your own risk. We give no guarantee concerning their usefulness or proper function within the context of anyone else’s application.

sonicLAB delivers support for only the latest versions of its software. This is due to very rapid changes in computer industry and operating systems which are the base of everything. These changes are out of our hands however, we give great efforts to maintain compatibility along with these changes and also update our software for a sustainable users experience. 

We are not responsible of the behavior of the old versions on new systems and computers, and can’t spare extra efforts on that direction. The user is expected to update his/her software, DAW etc. in this ecosystem.

We don’t save any alien file to your harddisk for registration/security reasons.

Purchase and Return Policy

When you purchase a sonicLAB software, you will be asked the necessary information for the registration of your software. At the moment, the primary information requested is your iLOK account ID, so that we can deposit your licence on it. 

After your licence has been deposited on your account and you become by any means as a licencee, there is no return possible back to the vendor. This is because we pay significant licencing fees and operational costs.

Your will receive the download links of your puchased products, they will remain as it is regardless the software version changes. When you need , you can demand these links again.

You can install the software on two computers at the same time. You can use the iLOK Cloud, iLOK USB Key or the host computer for registration.

You will use the ILOK Licence Manager to easily transfer your licences between your computers, your licences will remain forever on your account. 

It is not our responsibility to transfer any iLOK licence to another iLOK account, there will be applicable fees resolved with PACE (

sonicLAB reserves all the rights to do any changes on its existing softwares and also its prices as for updates or feature expansions.

Need help?

Contact us  for questions related to any issues.